Bump Multiple Codes/Dailies

Use the following form to bump more than one friend code at a time. You can save the friend codes as your Daily Postings (Dailies) and come back to bump them at any time!

You can save your Daily Postings (Dailies) for each different game separately. Simply browse to the different game sites in our network using the links at the top and bottom of this page and click Dailies in the menu.

NOTICE: You are limited to bumping only 5 friend codes because you haven't purchased any auto-bump packages. Users that purchase an auto-bump package can bump 45 friend codes at a time!

Have you already purchased an auto-bump package in the past? Please click here to log in.

PLEASE NOTE: Every friend code that you enter into the following form MUST ALREADY BE IN OUR DATABASE! If it is not, you will receive a message letting you know that it wasn't.

Multiple Friend Code Entry


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